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HD Publications

Huntington's and Me by Alison Grey

Huntington's and Me

A Guide for Young People

Young people affected by Huntington's need to have correct and up to date information as early as possible young people want to know the truth and this must be provided in such a way that it is informative and factual,as well as supportive.With predictive testing available to those eighteen and over, the young must have this information early so that they have time to consider the implications of testing,not only on themselves, but also their family and friends.

This books provides the latest information about HD and offers strategies for coping with the immediate and long-term challenges. It is soundly based on the experiences of young people themselves. Some have just learned that HD is in their family , others are considering predictive testing them selves. Some have already experienced the loss of a parent.

The Book shows that the experience of coping with HD is not all negative. Young People with HD families gain strength and courage. They learn to face the present and future with love, acceptance,compassion and hope. This book is an essential guide for that journey for both young people and adults.

Reviews of "Huntington's and Me"
(1) by Sarah
(2) by Pauline Roberts
(3) by Brendon Monk

Order from:
Graeme and Elaine Bradley
604 State Highway 3
RD 1, Bulls 4894
New Zealand
Fax/Phone 64 6 327 6703

The cost of this publication is now:
$10.00 within New Zealand and
$20.00 for International deliveries

Published by The Huntington's Disease Association of Wellington
68 pages.

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